Amsterdamica Nº99: Hoogte Kadijk

lat. 52.3680 - long. 4.9191

The movement caught my eye; though not the boats and water or the swaying plants and leaves. The lush green background belongs to Artis (Amsterdam’s zoo), and strolling in and around the trees was a family of giraffes. Hard to see, but they are there…

And so here we are at film Nº99. As with all my other time-lapse clips, I remember the sun’s on-off-on behaviour, and that everyone in the passing boats seemed happy and content. Not to forget the curious looks from passersby; it’s curiously funny that not one owner of those question mark filled heads stops to ask what I’m up to. So far, that has happened once during the recording of this series. Who knows how things will be in the future. Talking of which… stick around, there’s more to come.